Where Friends Meat

Adam has asked to place our application for employment on our Facebook page as well as our website. Copy, fill out, fax, email (adamsflavortrain@gmail.com), or bring it by the restaurant to see about an interview.

This picture was taken  recently by a guest of our restaurant. Maybe it's our imagination, but seemingly, the food tastes even better at night when the sun has gone down, lights are on, traffic is light, the crowd is small, great music is playing, and our employees have more time to speak to our guests.

You need to hear this! This is not a YouTube creation; therefore, to view the video, you need to click on the blue Barbecue Music button to the left to see the video (it will be well worth the effort).

We have Winners! We have decided to announce raffle winners at both locations. Each winner will be entitled to a dinner for two. The Horn Lake winners are: Mendella Smith, Stephanie Fortney, and Deborah Mathewson. The Memphis winners are: AnnA Teel, Devin Carter, and Gwen Page.

We are preparing information about our Dad's Day Raffle.