Where Friends Meat

Southeastern Freight Lines is a close neighbor. Many of their drivers stop by to eat. The company has used our catering services to feed employees in training meetings.  As well, they serve Tom's to their vendors. Most of all, Southeastern is vitally involved in helping the refugee Sudanese children.

Recently, Estes Express fed almost 300 employees in three shifts. 

Estes Express 

Penske has ordered Tom's catering for

training sessions as well as to express their appreciation to their employees.

For truckers, Tom's Barbecue & Deli at Getwell and Raines has been a favorite place to drop by for a meal and to relax from a stressful day. Logistical companies use Tom's catering services to express gratitude to their employees. As well, some companies have used our catering to be sent to other companies/groups to express appreciation.

General Trucks ordered Tom's catering for Transcarriers.