Both of our restaurants attempt to befriend you, the guest. Therefore, we try to get to know you by

name and what your favorite order entails. We attempt to pursue perfection in the quality of our

food as well as the service we give you.

The Leadership of Tom's Barbecue & Deli is as diverse as our restaurants' menu. Since we desire a

family atmosphere when you visit our restaurants, we give you a brief biography of the Leadership.

Adam Itayem is the owner of the two restaurants. He has developed an excellent relationship to guests at the Memphis location.

He can be very relational and answer your questions. He takes to heart your comments and questions about his food service.

Adam took over Tom's Barbecue in 1995 and has opened his second restaurant (to rave reviews) in 2015. Adam works tirelessly

to improve the quality of food, customer service, and cleanliness.​​

Ana Carrasco has been with Tom's Barbecue & Deli for over a decade. At the Memphis location, she not only operated the kitchen and managed the employees, she also ran the main cash register and welcomed each guest. At the Horn Lake location, Ana is continuing her excellent work like in Memphis but she is

now operating the Original Tom's Barbecue restaurant.

Where Friends Meat

who ARE WE?​